Welcome to the Holistic Fashionista Temple where our mission is to support the evolution and creation of the New Earth. Through our alchemy-infused elixirs, altar accessories, and coffeetable style magazine, our mystical treasures are created to serve.

Are you a spiritual teacher who is here to help create the New Earth? Do you own a soul-based business that honors the laws of the Universe?

Or perhaps you're a conscious individual who loves gifting high vibrational finds to your friends and clients?

Whether you're a 5D brand in need of some sacred swag for an upcoming retreat or sister circle, want to show client appreciation, or scouting new products for your own sacred shop or simply are a holistic fashionista who loves rituals and magical living, inside our temple you'll find mystical gifts for your personal and professional needs.

Angel Quintana the Founder of Holistic Fashionista


We are not a traditional retail shop.

What you'll find in the Holistic Fashionista Temple are sacred products to aid in personal ascension and the ascension of the planet. We believe in the power and potency of giving and receiving.

We cultivate the power of the number 3 using a process we call Ceremonial Alchemy, so our products contain a piece of magic in every bottle, to assist in your manifestations and to bring beauty and balance to the planet.

This is why each order is created in divine trinity honoring the number 3. This means, your elixirs are made to order during a full or new moon ritual in batches of 3. This also means, we don't sell products individually or a la carte.

Angel Quintana


The number 3 resonates with the energies of joy, expansion, creativity, success, and passion. Because we follow the laws of the Universe, every order is created in divine trinity. This means, your elixirs are made to order during a full or new moon ritual in batches of 3.

Here are 3 popular ways to use our elixirs:

1. For your personal self-care practices
2. To share/gift to a friend or client
3. To resell in your own sacred shop or event

Angel Quintana


We are excited to begin working on your sacred project! 

To get started, under each listing inside our temple is the option to purchase 3, 6, or 9 bottles of your chosen elixir.

If you need more than 9 of each product, please email to apply for a wholesale account.

Our books, magazines books, and altar goodies and accessories are available for purchase a la carte (as they are not part of our moon ceremony). These items will ship when your elixir order is ready.

Still have questions or need help deciding which elixirs are right for your project? Email us at Want to create your own special elixir? Click here to become an Elixir Partner.

We'd love to help you make your project high vibe and amazing!