Angel Quintana the Founder of Holistic Fashionista

Angel Quintana the Founder of Holistic Fashionista


HOLISTIC FASHIONISTA is a temple and mystery school offering ancient wisdom to support your ascension from 3rd dimensional existence into 5th dimensional living using The Age of Aquarius principles. The Age of Aquarius celebrates individuality, humanitarianism, social communities, and the master teacher within you! The mystery school honors the "soulself", that part of your inner being that radiates a rainbow of light and energetic field so you may better understand your Higher Calling here on this planet.

Our Temple stocks 100+ spiritually conscious products to aid in spiritual development, while our community-only based magazine brings awareness to our contributors' high vibrational brands.

Through our magazine, books, and educational classes, we provide inspiration and higher learning on 5th dimensional living, for we believe stepping out of 3D programming transforms the vibration of the planet where we all can live out our Higher Calling. 

We take great pleasure and pride in providing our partners and clients with the highest quality spirit-driven business trainings, metaphysical teachings, and designer publicity currently available today. Learn more about Holistic Fashionista by picking up a copy of our magazine.


Angel QuintanaANGEL QUINTANA is the Founder of the Holistic Fashionista Temple and Soulself Mystery School, and has been a practicing astrologer for nearly 30 years. Her areas of study, practice, and teaching are focused on 5th Dimensional Living, Ceremonial Rites of Passage, Spiritual Astrology, and Conscious Unity. She has a special connection to St. Germain and the life path of the 7th Ray, and her love for trees, herbs, and the Tarot are prevalent in many of her workshops.

She is a starseed and intuitive guide brought to this planet to be of service for those who are ready to heal past karma and embrace their individuality. She leads metaphysical and occult science classes and rituals in virtual group settings and offers private readings. Her mission as a 5D Practitioner and Esoteric Astrologer is to help others explore their divinity and become powerful, self-realized Holistic Leaders of Tomorrow.

Angel has appeared on Real Talk San Diego, is a Los Angeles Business Journal rising star nominee for the Women Making a Difference award in 2016, and a recognized astrologer. Her favorite past times include binge watching lectures on Youtube, hanging with her dogs Phoenix + Bandit, and teaching everything that lights her soul on fire.

Learn more about Angel at www.AngelQuintana.com