Guided Meditation as a Business Tool

Guided Meditation as a Business Tool


Article by John Scardina
Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia
Magazine: Issue #25

Have you ever tried a Guided Meditation? There are so many available from coaches, mystics, and practitioners of all kinds. You know the type of meditation that brings you towards a predetermined path to relaxation, bliss, healing, rest or a multitude of other achievable goals. Many of these meditations are short in length and easy to perform. Most only needing about 30 minutes of your undivided attention. A few moments with your subconscious with so many benefits. Some of my favorite guided meditations bring me to places I have never visited other than in my subconscious. Beautiful peaceful colorful places filled with nothing but positive energies, people and scenarios.

To try this practice, (and this is only an example). Always start with relaxing position laying or sitting down in a quite space with your eyes closed. Focus on your breathe next, inhale and exhale being conscious of each breathe. Just breathe normally for several breathes in this manner. Now in your mind’s eye create a peaceful space. This can be a seaside beach, a lush green forest, or even a mythical place Create as much detail and color as you can, but don’t push it too hard, piece it together slowly. Once you have this visual in your mind maybe start walking around in this space, what do you see? Depending where you have placed yourself maybe a long ocean beach with gentle waves flowing across the sand. What color sand, is it a sunny warm day or a light and gentle rain occurring, be creative. Are there people in the water, are there boats, maybe even horses on the beach Build this in your mind again with detail. The possibilities are limitless and you are completely in control of this meditation. Now remembering all of this detail and taking it in in your mind walk back to where you started and feel blissful with this scenario that you have created and slowly open your eyes and return yourself to your life. Again this is just basics of a guided meditation.

Now for the fun part, try this guided meditation with a business twist. Begin with details of your particular business in mind. Are you a coach, an artist, a practitioner of any sort? Add details in your business that may need some rough edges resolved. You can create in your mind, meeting your ideal client, marketing plans or a public presentation. Again be creative with whatever your individual business needs remember to add as much detail as you can. Meditating on these subjects can prepare your subconscious for anything that that lies ahead in regards to your business. Planning in your mind’s eye can prepare you for many of your business needs, before the need is a reality. Practice this and see how helpful it can be.


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