Get Your Mind on Your Money

Get Your Mind on Your Money

Article by Cinthia Singleton
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #31

Our culture that tells its citizens to go out there, go for the gold and bring back lotsa it. Some do quite easily while others coast along bringing back not as much. A few stumble along and never get ahead. No piles of shekels under your bed? Popular belief is that you’ve not …

… applied yourself
… found the right course of action
… learned and/or know enough to warrant the money
… manifested enough to conjure up the opportunities for making money
… don’t feel that you’re good enough for money

There are many reasons for not making big bucks. They vary from economic and market demands to luck and timing. Often it’s a magical combination of these things. But we seem to need this money - from pocket change to big bucks - as a goal to perform when it is, most basically, to help us provide for ourselves and those we support. How successful our writing [painting, interpretive dance, flower arranging, consulting, etc.] is also based on how much we show on Line __ of our tax return? How interesting.  But it’s just money, honey. Relax. Culture tells is to make it but we don’t need to run ourselves down doing so.

For what do we need it, really? Get a piece of paper and a nice, sharp pencil. This needs to be seen in print.

1 :: What are your basic expenditures? Not that you have to only make this but to survive, what is the base and range of funds you need? The more realistic you are about your needs, the easier it is to make the money. Less scrambling.

2 :: No one is exempt from financial anxiety at one time or another. It happens to us all, no matter how rich or poor. How we endure, overcome, and eliminate the anxiety is part of the battle. Clear problem-solving doesn’t always occur on the high wire. More often than not, the best thing anxiety will do for us is ensure we make huge decisions far too quickly. RELAX.

3 :: Do you have issues with money?  Uh, are you not human? lol It’s normal to have issues on one end of the spectrum or the other but letting them control you and trip you up is not good. These we get from our upbringing and how we were nurtured…. or not. The child missing something will seek it out as an adult. Example? Having to have the best so others can, therefore, see that YOU are the best… because the wolves who raised you only seemed to [acknowledge, pay attention to, reward, love] those who did; the best things made them better people. 

4 :: It’s okay to budget, to not spend, to say NO or Not Now to a potential purchase. It’s not the end of the world to have not or to save. Our culture, as much as it tells us to make the big tacos doesn’t do as much to encourage us to just slow down and think about what we need. Black Friday sales have become a social outing and a source of fulfillment for some. We get a buzz standing in that line, pushing people aside to get to the discounted electronics… why, many shorten our holiday family time for that buzz. As if we need more DVD players and credit card debt.

5 :: Review your needs on a weekly, monthly, annual basis. Needs change and so can the times. Bend and flex with the financial times.

6 :: Remember that what you need isn’t what the next ‘guy’ needs; do not compare yourself to others.

7 :: Learn how to talk about money. It’s not your feelings. It’s not your childhood. It’s not your baggage. It’s not your value. If it is one or a combination of these things, on one end of the spectrum or other, get straight with it or you will be money’s servant. Money is just another energy and a means to an end, a tool. Get comfortable with it. As a topic of conversation. As the necessary element it is. As a part of the game of life. Should you find yourself going through a rough patch and lack it (or credit, resources, help paying for something) occurs, get comfortable asking for help. “Help” though doesn’t necessarily mean more tacos to toss at the problem but the means to solve the problem in the Big Picture.  

8 :: Enjoy the money you have or what the money has afforded you. A little gratitude goes a long way but so does associating with that dirty money the energy of JOY. Consciously thank the Big Guy for what is there afforded you, from nickel to Andrew Jackson.

First step? Take it down to the basics: money is necessary energy not necessarily power. Get what you need. Enjoy what you got. Too much will never be enough if the energy isn’t understood.

"… Gather your cheddar ‘round this world, there’s nothin’ better but keep it booming’ like a system, thru any weather." -Youngbloodz, Mind on My Money


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