Interview by Angel Quintana
Photo Credit: Megan Sistachs
Magazine Issue #52

 Featured Interview with Photographer Megan Sistachs

Featured Interview with Photographer Megan Sistachs

This month we chat with Los Angeles based photographer Megan Sistachs. With a binge worthy Instagram account and an adorable dog named George Clooney, we couldn't be girl-crushing any harder!

You’ve been a professional photographer for almost 7 years now; tell us how you got started in the industry?

When I was young I would spend hours pouring into National Geographic Magazine and that’s where my passion for photography first sparked. I was an avid member of the photography club in both middle and high school and slowly started to transition my passion of photography from nature to people, then eventually into fashion. After graduating with my Bachelors in Fine Arts I knew that the only way to turn my passion into a profession was to move to Los Angeles. After arriving, I worked a few odd job here and there until I landed my first big break as an Assistant Photographer for Forever 21. Working there really helped me forge great relationships with a group of very talented and like minded people. It was from there that a gained the confidence and knowledge needed to begin taking on personal shoots. 

 Featured Interview with Photographer Megan Sistachs

Featured Interview with Photographer Megan Sistachs

We love the colorful compositions of your photographs, what inspires your shoots? 

It sounds cliche, but Instagram is where I derive a lot of my inspiration - my fingers are sore from how much I utilize the bookmark tool!! I‘ll usually reference other photographers’ works that I hope to recreate or just look back on for fresh ideas when I hit a mental road block. Other than Instagram, I love looking for inspiration in the two obvious publications, Vogue and Harpers Bizarre. 
When you’re not taking rad pictures, what do you like to do in your free time?

In the rare instances that i’m able to unplug, I’m either planning for future shoots or being a homebody with my dog and boyfriend. We’re HUGE foodies so we always make sure to set aside some time each week to cook very elaborate meals. We probably spend an average of four hours cooking on Sunday alone, which of course including cooking gourmet dog food for our spoiled pooch George Clooney. 
Who’s your favorite style icon?

Rihanna. Rihanna. Rihanna. Everything from what she wears to how she wears it is iconic. She wears her clothes with such confidence. I idealize the way that she encourages color and texture into her wardrobes. She’s just amazing all around. 
What music track or album do you currently have on repeat?

The new songs by Calvin Harris are the perfect soundtrack for when we are doing shoots. The music is really upbeat and fun and gets everyone into the perfect mood. When editing I like to slow it down a bit with The Weeknd. He’s just... amazing. Is obsessed too strong of a word for how I feel about him? I hope my boyfriend isn’t reading this…

 Featured Interview with Photographer Megan Sistachs

Featured Interview with Photographer Megan Sistachs

For the "photography challenged", what piece of advice can you give on taking Instagram worthy photos?

Take the time to talk with the model. Listen to their story and encourage them to open up. Ask what their favorite ice cream flavor is or what they’re doing over the weekend. Do they have pets? Any trips coming up? In my opinion the only real way you can get a great photo in general is creating a connection with your subject. Once you have established that sense of comfort then the “Instagram worthy” photos will just start coming in naturally.
Do you have any collaborations or features on the horizon?

Yes! There are a handful of very exciting projects and collaborations coming up - specifically there is one involving a horse and another involving a classic 1970’s Cadillac that I’m especially looking forward to. I’m also working with a jewelry line to help rebrand their new line. Aside from that I am continuing to collaborate in my free time with the wonderful creative community of Los Angeles! 


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