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 Essential Oil: My Facial Obsession & How To Be Sure Yours Is Pure

Essential Oil: My Facial Obsession & How To Be Sure Yours Is Pure

That's right, I put oil on my face.... EVERYDAY... twice a day!

I know what you're thinking:  "Oil? On my face?  My already very oily face?  What?  I can't, I need Oil-Free!" I used to think the EXACT same thing and actually you couldn't be more further from the truth.

Certain essential oils actually soak in and sooth your face, they don't lay on top and clog pores.  These are a few of them:

  • Rosehip Oil
  • Virgin Grapeseed Oil
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil
  • Virgin Argan Nut Oil
  • Marula Oil
  • Meadowfoam Seed Oil
  • Rose Otto Oil

You may be wondering why coconut oil is on not the list.  I do use it as a body moisturizer, but it makes my face break out, it has a relatively high comedogenic rating which means it is very likely to clog pores so I keep it away from my face at least on a full a full force raw level.


So how do you know what Essential Oil to buy and which is good for your face?

The biggest problem on the market today is that there are many impostors.

Essential oils fall under the regulations of all other cosmetic ingredients.  So there are no industry standards that test for the actual quality and purity of essential oils. The only standard is, that there has to be 10% of the actual oil in a bottle to be labeled 100% pure. That is very misleading. However it also explains why one bottle of “x” essential oil is $60 but the one next to it is $15.  Just like anything else in life….you get what you pay for.

So what else shows up in there the bottle does not contain the oil you intended to buy? To fill up that other 90% in an untested bottle you might get one or more of these:

1| Carrier Oil - vegetable oil, almond oil, olive oil (all good oils perhaps for other reasons but not good to dilute with essential oils.)

2| Synthetic Oil - a genetically manufactured product that acts like the original

3| Residue of Plant - you might be getting other impurities of the plant, in addition to your oil. Example: Rose oil may come with a little leaf or stem oil as well.

4| Pesticides - the plants you are getting your oils from may have been sprayed with chemicals, depending on where they are from.

Just like all of your other personal products you HAVE to buy from a company you trust so you know that you are getting what you pay for.  It's so VERY important.


Here my three favorites and what they do:

The # 1 has Calendula added and is best for acne prone skin.

The #2 has Jasimine added which promotes skin elasticity.

The #3 has Ylang Ylang & Chamomile added which helps sensitive or what I like to call "angry skin" aka (eczema, psoriosis, rosacia...etc.)

These oils retail for $64/bottle or you can save and get all three for $175.  Each bottle should last you six months with daily use.  You only need a drop or two to cover your face.

I know what's in my essential oils.  Do you know what's in yours? Be Informed. Be Safe. Be Healthy.


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