Industry Beauty Tips

Industry Beauty Tips

Article by Gina Marie DeAngelis  
Photo Credit: This Is Glamorous
Magazine: Issue #10

1. Beautifully Buff

Use a buffing brush to blend any foundations or  BB creams , it’ll make your skin look flawless & as if it was airbrushed.
~ Makeup Artist Andria Farrell 

2. Sugar Scrub Switch

Make your own scrubs, for your face with Organic Raw sugar and honey. For your body use sugar and coconut oil.  
~ Makeup Artist Angie Johnson

3. The Day After

After  washing your hair apply a beach spray or lavender spray at night. Wake up in the morning take small sections of hair and wrap each around a one- inch wand. Make sure to stop several inches from roots and leave the ends out. Make sure to add your favorite shine spray  followed by a light hold Hair spray.
~ Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Gina Marie DeAngelis 

4. Sun Safety

Wearing sunscreen SPF 30 everyday is a must. It will help prevent premature aging of your skin. Sun exposure and sun damage can dramatically age a person .
~ Makeup Artist Samantha Ward

5. Define

Always use an eye shadow pencil or shadow that is two shades lighter than your actual color.  If you are blonde than use two shades darker.  
~  Makeup Artist Taylor Tanaka 

6. The Many Magical Powers of Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Its chemical free and has many uses other than for cooking. For chronically dry hair only, apply a small amount of the oil to your hair for 5 minutes as a deep conditioner. Rinse thoroughly .
~ Makeup Artist  Jenny Karl 

7. Prime on

Use your favorite primer To help for a smoother application  of  Make – up  shrink pores & help your face seem creaseless throughout the day and night . Always use your ring finger to apply your eye creams and concealer since its your lightest finger and thinnest area of your skin. It puts the least amount of pressure.
  ~ Makeup Artist Katie Johnson 


8. No Poo

Replace your shampoo with Honey Baking Soda or Apple Cider Vinegar.
~ Hair Stylist Cassidy Nilles 

9. Baby Soft Lips

Brown sugar, petroleum jelly a teaspoon of vanilla extract and honey . Mix it together then store it in a mason jar. Your lips will be Kissable.
~ Esthetician Steph Stadherr 

10. A Clean Face is a Happy Face

Always wash your face at the end of the day even if you didn’t wear makeup. Why you ask? Because the environment around you. You get dirt and debris on your face which will  make you break out. Always Moisturize  after you wash your face.
~ Makeup Artist  Robin Rebbe 

11. Bombshell Body

Use a Dry Shampoo for added texture and volume. Spray a bit of the shampoo in damp hair at the roots all over it creates  a lot of body and keeps the style longer.
~ Hair Stylist Bianca Rosinia

12. Attention Getter

Part your hair in the center to create an illusion of defined cheekbones
~ Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Gina Marie DeAngelis

13. Plump your pout

Add a lighter concealer to your Cupid’s bow and center of your lips on top of lipstick to give you fuller lips.
~ Makeup Artist Rachel Dubin


14. Spring in with Cheeks

Suck in those cheeks  for an instant contour line, apply your favorite contour powder or  shimmer free Bronzer in the center. Don’t forget to Buff it out slightly to diffuse the edges.
~Makeup Artist & Hair stylist Gina Marie DeAngelis

15. Styled Sleek

Spray your bobby pins with hairspray before using them it will  help hold  your style better.
~ Hair Stylist  Desirae Kotnik

16. Lips for Days

Line lips fully with Lip liner before applying lipstick for super staying power.
~ Makeup Artist  Melissa Eastwick


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