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 9 Self-Care Practices to Calm Your Nerves

9 Self-Care Practices to Calm Your Nerves

What do you do when you're on the verge of insanity? When you hit the point where you can either lose it or make it. Before you are even aware that there is such an option and you are heading straight for a disaster. How do you rise up to the challenge?

Cause it's really not about you anymore. You have made the decision to be here for a higher purpose that is beyond your own little self advancement.. so rise up lady!

Our washing machine broke down over the Holidays and my husband just got a bad injury to his hand which suddenly makes me the only washer in this household. I had a brilliant idea this morning! Instead of heading to the laundromat at -20, I decided to temporarily transform our bathroom into a laundry facility.

I was washing a whole bathtub full of towels on my knees when my lovely husband came behind me and tried to tease me at just this perfect time. It was divine timing: it was at that moment when I had just remembered how this exact moment reminded me of when I was a struggling student.

And it was right before I had called myself back into my resilient and most aligned self. It was at that tipping point that I lost it. He took a picture of me in that instant. And it all came together when I saw my true self in that moment.

It was not all dandy and pretty. But in spite of it all, what I saw in that picture was this multidimensional aspect of myself: a woman desperately wanting to rise to this challenge, a woman refusing to lose her dignity, a woman who loves herself so much that she becomes a true warrior when something is threatening her balance. I loved it.

I thanked him for inspiring me to use this as a catalyst to empower and uplift other women who might just be finding themselves in a similar situation. Because we all struggle at times, right?

This is what you want to put into practice in these moments:

Drop The Ego

First of all, see every situation as an opportunity to live your purpose. You really need to drop that ego of yours and learn to not only have a sense of humor, but utilize your own less pretty self in a way that teaches you more about who you want your highest self to be.

You can hide and pretend that you have it all together, but how will that help other women struggling out there? There are real people out there who really need the true support of the feminine. So be true, face the ugly, rise up and empower yourself and others!

Ground Yourself

Do a grounding exercise in which you sit still, feet flat on the floor and you visualize roots coming out from the bottom of your feet and going deep into the ground. Feel these roots going all the way to the core of the earth, tap into that energy and feel it coming back up your roots, all the way through your body. Then, visualize a white light surrounding you. You will feel instantly grounded.

When it isn't so easy to rise up, take out your arsenal. A few things can be found in my emergency kit:

Essential Oils

Essential oils have an ability to activate parts of your brain that need a little hand at times. It is a gift of nature we can really benefit from. 

Essential oils can really help raise that vibration of yours and help you rise above the situation.

Because you really want to step up for others, don't you? Among the essential oils that I use, orange, lemon and grapefruit are some of the most uplifting scents you can find. Other oils are great to anchor you and ground you, such as black spruce and cedarwood.

Myrrh and frankincense really help you connect with your purpose and get into a meditative state when needed. Frankincense will not only suddenly transport you into a sacred space, it will also activate the lymbic system part of your brain, which will help you deal with the negative effects of stress: adrenal exhaustion, sleep problems, suppression of satiety, weight gain, etc. 

Do a Smudging Ritual

You also may want to experience with smudging, a traditional native practice. The latter consists of a ritual in which you are burning sage, cedar and/or sweetgrass in a shell while setting an intention. The sage is known to release negative ions into your environment and cleanse negative energies. Cedarwood is grounding and balancing male energies while sweetgrass adds a feminine sweetness when needed. Burning Palo Santo is also a great way to infuse your environment with positive vibes. 

Make Sure Your Physical Health is in Check

Of course, you want to make sure that your physical health is in check. My emergency kit has all of the essential minerals, vitamins, probiotics and herbal remedies I require to be in my optimal health.

If you are lacking of a certain nutrient, vitamin or mineral, your body functions might be suffering from glandular imbalance. You may want to consult your doctor or natural health practitioner to address the issue.

Here are some of the deficiencies that might trigger undesirable states and reactions: B5 (pantothenic acid), B12, iron, iodine, magnesium, calcium, zinc and vitamin C to name a few. 

Keep Your Emotions in Check

According to David R. Hawkins in his book Power vs Force, all emotions have energies and vibrate at a specific frequency, and this was demonstrated scientifically during several studies. He created a chart in which various emotions are associated with a specific vibrational frequency. He was then able to demonstrate that some undesirable emotions are often associated with disease.

Joy and peace are in the top 3 whereas feelings of shame, guilt, and fear are at the bottom of the chart. You can also greatly benefit from shifting your focus and doing something that makes you happy and gives you real pleasure. Try cultivating happy thoughts.

Whenever you find yourself in an emotional downward spiral, you can make the conscious effort to turn around the way you perceive things...

and choose to be in a better emotional state choosing to feel happy, joyful, calm, serene, accepting, forgiving and/or compassionate (most importantly with yourself before thinking of being compassionate with others).

Find Your Tribe and Reach Out to Them

A mentor told me that we are the sum of the 5 people closest to us. Surrounding yourself with people who are vibrating at a higher level will also keep your vibration high. Choosing consciously who you decide to spend your time with will bring in alignment with your highest self.

Your tribe is that awesome group of women that reflects back at you the amazing person that you are! It can be this precious group of girlfriends who have known you when you used to break out on your forehead in high school.

It can also be your amazing Essential Oils sponsors who have really mastered the art of Self-development to the T. Maybe it's that Facebook group you are a part of, go and connect with them! Or get together with a Mommy group!

Your tribe is that special sacred group of your choosing that empowers you. They are the women who uplift one another and rejoice in each other's accomplishments. They also help you keep your sanity and remind you of your highest potential.

Dance It Out (And Shout Out)

Thank goodness for Satellite radio. It keeps me sane and in the moment, truly. I turn on the station that suits best my mood and start a dance party in our home. My little ones love it when mommy gets silly like this, but this is just the bonus! You may even want to just sing out loud in your car while driving, it has been shown to have a very therapeutic effect. So go ahead and shout!

Get To Know Your Cycles

It might seem very basic, but getting to know your cycles can really help benefit you and make the best of the various times of the month. Whether it be your menstrual cycle or the cycle of the moon, there is a lot to work with to make the best of it all.

Two books by Miranda Gray can help you understand this topic better: Red Moon and The Optimized Woman. Also notice other cycles in your life, whether it be a professional cycle you are in, or a relationship cycle you are finding yourself in. Some people might call it karma, but I like to look at it as cycles.

When you notice some cycles repeating themselves, you might want to do some introspection and consciously break out of that cycle. Journaling is a great tool in identifying your cycles to have some well-awaited breakthroughs.

So here you go woman, do you hear me? You can find yourself on the verge of insanity and instead of losing it, realize that you are actually on the verge of a breakthrough! Go mermaid, ride these waves and find your flow. Feel where you are within your various cycles and consciously move through one cycle and on to the next ! You can do it!

Sooner than later, you'll realize that you are living life moving simultaneously through various cycles with grace and ease. It's a conscious effort that you can handle. Or you wouldn't be reading this article, would you?


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