8 Easy Tips to get More Referrals

8 Easy Tips to get More Referrals


Article by Heather Jadus
Photo Credit: Hailley Howard
Magazine: Issue #29

What’s better than landing a client because someone knows, likes and trusts you? Landing a client because you were referred by someone else who knows, likes and trusts you. Referrals are the pulse of any small business. You cannot survive without them.
Are you doing everything you can to get as many referrals as you can? Take these 8 tips and implement them TOMORROW if you are not already. You will see your business sky rocket! To the TOP!

1| Referral Incentive
 A referral incentive is for those customers that already support your business. All you need to do is give them a SPECIAL Current Customer ONLY incentive; an exclusive freebie, punch cards (many new apps available for this), a percentage of your next order/service. 

2| Constantly Update Your Current Clients on What You Offer
Make sure your current clients know about all the products and services you offer and how you help so they can either refer within their company or to others they know. Too often sellers assume their clients know more about them than they do. Keep telling your story, keep showcasing your products and services, keep giving the information you have. You might feel like you’re being a broken record but it takes many times for a potential client to understand what you offer and how much they need it unfortunately.

3| Create A Referral Form
Place this form on your website, Facebook Page, newsletter etc. Offer an incentive to have people fill it out with names and numbers of referrals.   

4| Offer an Affiliate Program
This plan works best for high priced service items like coaching or courses. Anyone who brings a client to you gets a percentage or a flat incentive for bringing in that client.

5| Got Followers?
Traffic from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. etc?? Ask for sharing and retweets in hopes of gaining access to new people. There could be a giveaway incentive, or feature incentive of some sort of special depending on your business but you get the idea. Use those who follow you (current clients or not) to spread the word for you.

6| Help Others Pro Bono
There are many stories of helpful people getting business just from the goodwill they create from helping on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media/ communities. Always be willing to lend a hand if you truly have an expertise in what they are looking for. They may come back for more and know you are worth the money if you’ve already helped them.

7| Give your raving fans the tools they need to refer you
Do you have stacks of business cards to give to every person you know, or met, or worked with or worked for or coached or sold to, etc. etc. etc? Want to know how you can? A virtual business card; when you give it to someone, they can share it with anyone, anytime, no extra cards to carry; it’s always with them because it’s on their phone. There are so many choices out there so pick one that is inexpensive and works FOR you! There are many out there but my favorite is Knomii because it IS a virtual business card but it does so much more. Find out more at www.theknomiicoach.com or contact me at heather@theknomiicoach.com

8| GIVE a referral
It's one of the best ways to get one in return. Here’s the key. You need to refer as much as you want to be referred. Support your fellow business entities and you too will prosper.  

I hope as a result of this you get a ton more referrals. Let me know!  


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