5 Tools to Help Your Business Grow

5 Tools to Help Your Business Grow

Article by Sophie Mihalko
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #28

Many businesses spend a great deal of time, resources and energy in figuring out what they did right before so they can either reproduce it or do it even better.

What if true wisdom was in starting fresh every day?

A body renews itself constantly. In nature, plants grow and die only to make room for new plants. So why do we work so hard in maintaining business as it was the day before?

If you truly want your business to grow, expand and evolve with the rest of the planet may I suggest you start using these tools?

1| Uncreate and Destroy everything you have decided your business was today every night before you go to sleep: You create everything in your life. So if you choose to uncreate it, you get a fresh slate, a chance to choose something new. You are not stopping at the results you obtained so far and you can create anything you choose. Limitations, such as old beliefs (I did not do well enough, other people offer something better than what I offer, there are not enough clients to go around), get destroyed as well. 

2| Every morning, ask your business what it wants to be, do, or have: Your business is its own entity. It is not you. You can ask it questions. Ask it if it would contribute to you the money you require to live the life you desire. Ask it when, where and with whom it wants to do business. When you ask, it will not necessarily answer you in a linear way but then you go to work on your business and suddenly feel like calling someone - that’s the business giving you the information you asked for. 

3| As the day goes, every time you decide to do something “because it worked before” ask your business if it will work this time again? Asking questions of your business is the wisest thing you can do. If you are tempted to repeat something, ask yourself, are ever two moments the same? You know they are not. So when you go out and promote your business or services, never assume that what you did before will work again. Stay in the question and always wonder what else you know about growing your business that you have not acknowledged you know yet. 


4| And every time you do something because “it is the logical step” in your business, ask “what else is possible here that I have not considered yet” It is only logical because someone else said it is. What do you know? A great example of this is lower prices does not necessarily make you more competitive, it simply makes your product or service cheaper. How many times have you done something that seemed random that turned out to be the greatest choice you could make? What if you started trusting your knowing around business?

5| Watch your business grow and expand and ask “How does it get any better than that?” When you are willing to start every day anew, situations, people and your own work, you create the space for something that matches your desire to show up. 


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