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 3 Keys to Owning Your Niche

3 Keys to Owning Your Niche

Article by Marinna Rose
Photo Credit: Nancy Schoenmakers
Magazine: Issue #27

When someone asks me the fastest way to discover his or her Highest Self, I tell them start your own business. Become the biggest badass entrepreneur out there in your niche!

Yes, you heard me, I did not say go work with some Guru, or meditate for two weeks in silence, or do a 30 day cleanse…I said “Become a badass Entrepreneur.” It sounds so simple doesn’t it? Well, it is. Put one foot in front of the other, it’s that simple.

The secret benefit to being a “Badass Entrepreneur” is that it is the fastest express train to your Highest Self! The self-discovery process you will go through is the most life changing experience you will likely ever have.

Below are some Keys to show you how to unlock this Secret!

Key #1- Discover Your Purpose. 

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are you so good at it feels like you are not even thinking about it when you’re doing it?
  • What comes so naturally to you, but to other’s it’s difficult?
  • Now take some action! How can you turn your passion into your business?

The key to becoming a “Badass Entrepreneur” starts with unleashing the fire burning within. You must love what you do as an entrepreneur or you will fail just out of the gate. Also, that is the whole reason you take this path, to be able to do what you love!

Key #2-When your business is not succeeding, do not look at everyone and everything on the outside …

  • You must seek within when you are recognizing issues arising in your business. You can try to blame this person, that technology, this copy etc, but until you can look at YOU, your business is going nowhere.
  • When your business is not succeeding it is the literal mirror of your soul.

Key #3- Resolving issues of Value

  • When your clients are not willing to pay the value you are asking for your services, you must look within and ask “How do I value myself?”
  • Look at your life. Evaluate how you treat yourself. Do you treat yourself to extra things, massages, pedicures, house cleaners, yoga class etc… Or are you the type of person that always passes over yourself and allows others to benefit for example: Husbands, children. If you are like so many of us and find yourself saying, “Hmmm yeah, I actually always spend the money on them first because I don’t really need it.” Think about the energy that comes from you doing that…are they are worth more than you? I think not, than why are your actions reinforcing this imbalanced value?
  • For women especially “value” is the biggest issue I see over and over, like a broken record. As women we were instilled to care for others first and go without.  Men suffer much less from this issue because society up until now has supported the value in the masculine. It is just now coming into balance-thank goodness! But we woman still have a lot of layers to peel away first.

When you dive into the big deep ocean of “Entrepreneurship” you will be surrounded by some highly introspective like-minded individuals feeling more supported, more crazy, having more questions about life than you ever imagined!

Think about the result you have from diving into this ocean. Not only do you find yourself on the express train to your highest self, you find yourself helping others at the same time!

I look at it as the best prescription the doctor could ever give you as medicine when you have a visit. You need to be prescribed some “Badass Entrepreneur”, be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle:

  • Do not stop taking this pill no matter how bad it makes you feel, just give it some time. It will feel bad, sometimes even real bad and you will question why you are continuing. Trust me it gets better if you persevere.
  • Do not keep adding more pills onto this like more certifications, more skills, just K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple Sweetie. Don’t complicate things or else the prescription won’t work. You must allow it to stand-alone and trust in it’s power!
  • Don’t start questioning the power of the pill when you start looking around and no one else is taking the same pill as you. This is what you want, you must stand out and be the black sheep in your business or you will not be seen and you need to be seen to have success! 
  • If you know anyone else that can benefit from this pill, please recommend to the best Doctor that will prescribe them the same “Badass Entrepreneur Pills.”

Here’s to getting some “Badass Entrepreneur Pills.”


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